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Complex Games At The Casino 

If you look through the variety of jackpot games available at the casino, they have all one thing in common. Simply put, they are all about gambling. Having said that, each game will have its own strategies and rules, with some of them being easier to pick up than others. If you’re not an experienced player, then we suggest you stay away from more complex games when you’re beginning your gambling journey. So what are these more complicated games?

Below we’ve listed a number of casino games that can be found both online, at a top casino like Bovada Casino, and in land-based casinos, that we suggest you spend more time learning about before you begin playing. Some of these, like blackjack, will have complicated rules or require a deep knowledge of any number of jackpot winning strategies.

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Poker Is Not For Novices

The game of poker covers a large number of different varieties including such things as Razz, Texas hold ’em, Omaha, Stud, Crazy Pineapple and Badging, to name a few. Because Texas hold’em is probably one of the easiest to learn, many novice players start with this. However, this variant does have very complex rules when compared with your average casino game. When it comes to actually score winnings, poker is a very difficult game to do so, unless you have some expert knowledge. That’s because you’re not playing against the casino as with most gambling games. But rather with human opponents. If you’re a beginner, there’s a good chance you may have an expert player at your table. In which case you can watch your bankroll fly away in just a couple of hands.

The truth of the matter is that when it comes to poker, you need an encyclopedic knowledge of poker strategies. The number of players who actually win money, even in small stakes games, is very small. Remember, it’s not just about learning strategies. But also how to implement them. As well as making adjustments on the go as you’re reacting to other players. From the point of view of making a long-term profit from the casino, poker is a good choice. But being a complex game for the novice player, it would make an awful introduction to casino gambling.

Complex Games: Craps


On the face of it, craps appears to be a very simple game to play. You’ve probably seen it played out in countless Hollywood movies. Novice craps players imagine they just step up to the table, shoot the dice and hope their lucky numbers will turn up. But in reality, is not quite that simple. For a start, the table looks painfully complicated, with an extensive board filled with different bets. That’s why in the real world, many novice players step up to play craps, take one look at the board, and promptly turn around and walk away.

You can’t begin to play craps unless you understand the countless wagers available. Furthermore, craps have their own etiquette to learn when playing the game. These unspoken rules, though they seem foolish to the inexperienced player, are considered very important by those who take the game seriously. For example, one of the strongest unspoken rules is that you must never say the number “7” at the table. 

In truth, craps is not such a complex game to learn. There are two major bets; the past line and the don’t pass line. The first features a 1.41% house edge and the second comes in at 1.36% respectively. But you need the experience to understand exactly where you should place your bets in order to make use of these wagers. In addition, there are minefields of unfavourable prop bets that you don’t want to go near, as they will end up costing you dearly.

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Sports Betting

Social media seems to be full of successful sports bettors. You can find them on Instagram or TikTok showing off Lamborghinis and holding wads of cash. They make it look as if sports betting is easy. They claim you simply wager on an outcome and then wait for the winnings to pour in. But the truth is that sports betting is ridiculously hard. You only have to look at the profits of the sportsbooks to see that the vast majority of gamblers lose money hand over fist.

Just as with craps, there are a number of complex games as well as betting intricacies that make sports betting difficult to learn. To give you some idea, we’ve put an example of American sports odds below:

  • Cincinnati Bengals +140
  • Pittsburgh Steelers -170

If you’re new to sports betting then these numbers will mean nothing to you. The “-” sign refers to the favourite. The “-170” means that you need to wager $170 in order to win $100. In contrast, the “+” sign means the underdog. The “+140” means you need to bet $100 in odds to win $140. Once you understand the odds, then you need to learn a massive number of different betting types, or as they are known in sports betting, “betting markets.”

Then there are the many different betting strategies you’ll also need to understand. Things such as arbitrage opportunities, handicapping and bankroll management. As well as how to use the relevant software. It’s not the case of just knowing one of these factors is better than another. In order to have consistent wins, or win the jackpot online, you need to be an expert in all these departments. To be a good sport better takes a lot of time and a lot of education. Finally, you need a hefty bankroll in order to get started. For all these reasons, we suggest it’s not a gambling theme we would propose for a novice gambler.

Conclusion: Complex Games You Should Steer Clear Of


Here at, we’re not trying to discourage anyone from enjoying themselves playing casino games or taking part in sports betting activities. On the other hand, we don’t want to encourage players to set themselves up for a nerve-wracking and expensive experience. To that end, we suggest that you avoid all complex games with complicated rules and strategies. Because jackpot poker is a tough game for beginners to master, we suggest you stay clear of this. Remember it’s one of the few casino games where you going to be up against players who are more skilled and more experienced. As such it’s a guaranteed way to lose money.

The reason we suggest that you give craps a miss is simply because there are so many betting options to learn. Without a proper understanding of this, you are going to be overwhelmed when you stand in front of the craps board. It’s a similar story when it comes to sports betting. You need to be an expert in wager types and odds. Not only that, but good sports betting takes into account the teams and players. Such things as whether their star player is playing, whether the game is home or away, the number of injuries and even taking into account the weather conditions. All of this is going to be far too much for an absolute beginner. 

We suggest that, as an inexperienced gambler, you start small and spent time educating yourself. Try your hand at different games at our recommended casino, Bovada Casino. Only once you reach a level of confidence, should you consider taking on any of the above more complex games.

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