slot machine misconceptions
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Common Slot Machine Misconceptions

Due to the hidden pressure that eerie gamblers feel as they shoe their hard-earned cash into a slot machine, we can’t be surprised that they formulate all sorts of weird ideas and myths about their winning possibilities. It’s not just players in land-based casinos, but also those playing online at casinos like 22Bet Casino who fall for these slot machine misconceptions.

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Because The Machine Has Been Cold, I’m Now Due For A Win

The likelihood of a slot machine heating up or cooling down is constant if the software is set to be random. If the likelihood of hitting a certain pay line is 50 to 1, then it always has that same probability. It’s common to see these slot machine misconceptions at work. Leading players to assume that just because they threw their kid’s college savings into the slot machine, they will someday be “due” to get it all back. Along with their graduate school fees. And never assume that just because you’ve been winning, you will continue to do so.

New Slot Machines Are Looser

Most likely not. New machines frequently have such unique, alluring features that players will engage in them whether they are loose or not. There’s no proof that the new slot machines are any tighter or looser than the old ones. The decision on how loose or tight their new (and old) machines will be is made on an individual basis by each casino.

Slot Machine Misconceptions: It’s Just Plain Luck To Win

It’s also untrue. If video poker is included, your jackpot winning strategies for playing your hands ultimately determines how much you earn on machines with full payouts and positive expectation. Or to put it another way, how little you lose on machines that favour the house. We suggest that you work on your mindset to clear away these slot machine misconceptions. This is so that you don’t always depend on stupid chances for long-term success.

New Slots Give Players More Choices

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If they believe they are losing too much, slot gamers become fickle. They will simply throw up their hands in frustration and lose interest in the current machines they are playing on. Then they look for another machine on which they believe their luck will improve. Casinos are aware of this behaviour, which is why they frequently alter their selection to keep players interested. Each stop of the spinning reels is equally likely to occur during the bonus round as during a normal playing session. It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing Gonzo’s Quest or on a machine like Wheel of Fortune

Although it appears that your chances of having the reels land on any given stop are equal, this isn’t actually one of any slot machine misconceptions. That wheel is a computer-controlled “entertainment feature” rather than a mechanical device. You could look at it as the machine chooses the winning stop using a Random Number Generator. So it’s possible that something that appears to have a one-in-22 chance actually has a one-in-20,000 chance! In truth, understanding the odds of winning will only help increase your jackpot winning chances.

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Casinos Don’t Like Low Rollers

You are not a low roller if you play the slot machines, not even for quarters. Every five seconds put three quarters into the machine, and you’ll use $540 in an hour. After four hours of play, you have lost $2,160! The casinos will be more than willing to reward such behaviour with comps in the form of reduced hotel rooms, meals, or other benefits. The majority of casinos want as many customers as they can, to put it. Finding the locations that offer you the best comparisons for your activity is your task. Then be patronising to them. This is the same story when playing at online casinos like 22Bet Casino.

Slot Machine Misconceptions: Slots Aren’t Played By Intelligent People

Nonsense! It’s one of many common slot machine misconceptions to assume that slot players are the underclass of America. Rather, they are a representative cross-section of the country. Why then do people engage in one-armed bandit play? The typical response is that slots are enjoyable and calming. Whatever the justification, slots are the nation’s favourite form of gambling, no matter where you go. In comparison to all table jackpot games combined, more people pull those handles and press those buttons to spin the reels.

Seniors Spend All Their Social Security Money On Gambling

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This is untrue. But even if it were, why would it matter? Don’t you get sick of the media and the government telling us how to spend our money? It belongs to us. We no longer view our elders as belonging to the generation that endured the Great Depression, overthrew Hitler and Mussolini, fought in the Vietnam War, or fought against Communism. But rather as this group of drooling morons who shouldn’t be allowed to make their own decisions. So be it if they choose to squander their money on slot machines. The size of Junior’s inheritance might be reduced, but so what? Make him get a job and earn his own money. 

Slot Machine Misconceptions: Progressive Jackpots Only Hit On Weekends 

This is utterly false. On weekends, more people visit casinos and more casino patrons mean more reel spins. This results in more jackpot prizes. It takes time and is annoying for the slot departments to have to constantly adjust the payout percentages of the machines. Weekends are always busy periods for casinos. And it’s in these busy times when they make their money. With so many players, there will inevitably be more winners on weekends. But keep in mind the reverse is also true. In other words, there will also be more losers. 

A Slot Player Can Never Get An Edge Over The Casino

It’s untrue. And one of several slot machine misconceptions that stick in the minds of many gamblers. There are machines referred to as “advantage-play machines” where a shrewd player can truly gain the advantage if he knows what to look for and how to use the machine correctly. Unfortunately, these machines are not available everywhere; nonetheless, they may be found in Las Vegas, Mississippi, and the Midwest. We suggest you do some research on these. They represent some of the best ways to win the jackpot online.

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