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Are Sports Tipsters Trustworthy? 

If you’re looking for one of the most mysterious jobs in the world, then look no further than professional sports tipsters. They make a living by looking into a crystal ball and then selling recommended selections to the clients. Perhaps we should say “gullible” clients. Interestingly enough, you can find clients who are perfectly satisfied with the service they receive and pay for. On the opposite side of the coin, there are many who are dissatisfied and feel they’ve been cheated. In truth, here at, we feel that trusting any tipster recommendations is a naive, lazy, and risky approach to sports betting.

If you type in “sports tipsters” into Google Search, the results will come in the thousands. As you can imagine, the whole sport’s tipping industry is full of scammers and chancers. Yet every day hundreds, if not thousands, of punters join sports tipster websites in the hope of gaining insider tips that will increase your jackpot winning chances. So we thought we had to take a deeper dive into sports tipsters. Let’s see if there’s anything that can help you find a legitimate and profitable tipster. Or even if such a thing even exists.

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Why Do Sports Bettors Go To Sports Tipsters?

There are a number of different reasons why sports bettors subscribe to tipsters. Below we’ve listed the main factors.

An Opportunity To Earn Money

Many sports bettors are more obsessed with winning money than they are with the sports themselves. So it’s no surprise that many turns to tipsters in order to increase the possibility to win the jackpot online. Tipsters like to show the profits of their investments over time. These are essentially historical records of jackpot games and events that are designed to provide a level of reassurance. And prove that the information and betting tips have been successful. With an assured past performance, they’re going to represent a more attractive proposition to new sports bettors. Of course, the assumption here is that the results have been edited to increase the ratio of wins to losses.

Finding A Rare Nugget Of Information

Sports tipsters view themselves and propagate the image that they are the definitive source of knowledge on a particular sport. They will claim to be both experienced bettors and sports experts. Each will come offering a special sports and data analytics system that gives them greater betting insights. Unfortunately, many sports bettors put the idea of winning above that of common sense. In other words, if they see that a sports tipster has been particularly successful, they are more likely to spend their money with them without using any critical thinking.

Sports Tipsters Offer Reassurance

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One clever way in which sports tipsters operate is that they offer tips that confirm the preset opinions about a particular sporting event. For example, you may have your own prediction about an upcoming horse race. If a sports tipster offers you this same tip, then it serves as a means to strengthen your own opinion. This is known as confirmation bias. Unfortunately, the ego has a greater hold over sports better than the ability to think critically.

Why Share A Winning Formula?

The first question you should ask yourself about any sports tipster, is why on earth would they share a winning tip? It makes no sense at all. For example, a professional gambler is not going to share his jackpot winning strategies with new players. Why would he? Furthermore, it makes no sense that he’d let everyone know that they had a particular piece of insider information. In the same manner, if someone happened to design a winning betting system, you wouldn’t imagine they would be in a rush to share it with anyone else. 

Against this point, some might argue a tipster is just selling his knowledge for a fee. They would say that it’s a little unfair to assume that everyone with a winning system has the desire to place bets on it themselves. In addition, they might claim that some tipsters prefer to reduce their own risks by offering a service. But stepping back and looking at the big picture, it’s easy to see that you will never receive a tip that will lead you to win the jackpot online from any sports tipster.

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Clients Get Different Tips For The Same Event

If you tune into some TV channels in the early hours of the morning you can find basic phone-in TV shows. A woman, normally dressed in black, will tell you your fortune providing you paid for the call at so many dollars per minute. Tipsters are no different. The funny thing is that tipsters charge different customers different fees for the same tips at the same sporting events. Let’s imagine for a minute that a tipster only earns a fee when the customer wins the bet that the tipster initially recommended. Obviously, this setup can undermine the quality of tips. 

That’s because the tipster wants to reduce his variance by making multiple recommendations to different clients. His whole business is based on the fees he receives. Not on whether the results are correct or not. The bottom line is that the greater variety of tips given to a particular event, the increase his probability of having a win. This win can then be used as a legitimate marketing tool. Because there’s no shortage of new customers constantly looking for tipsters to recommend bets to them, this scam can continue forever. 

No One Is Looking For Expected Value

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All sports betting revolves around finding value. Yet many sports tipsters only have an interest in the predictions they offer and don’t care about the odds. Let’s use a coin toss as an example. Imagine that the tipster has predicted heads, with odds available at 1.5. Now imagine you use his tip and win the coin toss. But here’s the rub. Just because you won, does it mean you received a good payout? That’s because essentially it’s a bad bet to make. In order to have a plus EV, you need to be above 2.0. Even when you’re placing bets at a reputable sportsbook like 22Bet Sportsbook, always have your eye on the EV. This will certainly help increase your jackpot winning chances.

If you’re going to bet with a tipster, they should provide you with the minimum price you should back at. Unfortunately, many fail to do so. That’s why we recommend you should use a price movement checker when making any sports bets. The main reason is that the odds could both rise or drop suddenly within a few minutes. Should the odds drop significantly, then your bet suddenly becomes very poor value.

Bookies Have Their Ears Open

The problem with so many sports tipsters giving out tips at every sporting event is that news of this will actually lead to a cutting of the odds by the bookmakers. If, for example, in horse racing, there’s a sudden surge of volume on a particular horse, then you can be sure the bookies will take this into account. If too many people are utilizing the same tip, then you’ll be late to the party, and all the value you will have evaporated. We strongly suggest that you take the time to do your own sports research before placing any bets. When you are finally ready to place your first wager, head over to 22Bet Sportsbook for some of the best odds in the industry.

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