burning the dice
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Burning the Dice in Craps 

If you have it being to any of the casino table games of craps on the Strip in Las Vegas, then you’ll probably hear the term “burning the dice.” Of course, you’ll have no idea what it means. But if you ask any of the dealers, croupiers, floor managers, or pit boss, they will know the answer. It’s an illegal method that cheaters use when playing craps. Essentially, burning the dice involves a you rubbing the dice against the table felt repeatedly. The idea behind this is to dull the corners and therefore try to influence the roll. We guess you’re hoping this will help them increase your jackpot winning chances.

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Dulling The Corners Of The Dice

Yes, we can all agree that this sounds rather far-fetched. It certainly shouldn’t be part of your jackpot winning strategies. Especially when you consider that the dice are made of hard injection-moulded acrylic and the table felt is an incredibly soft material. But casinos are on the lookout for every possible type of cheating. No matter how probable or improbable, the result is that rubbing the dice on the felt is still a big no-no at all casinos. There are many rules and procedures in place against the tampering or burning the dice. Or anything that makes the roll any less than totally random. Believe us when we say that all dealers, floor managers and pit bosses can spot any sort of possible cheating behaviour very quickly.

When it comes to ensuring the dice are legit, you’ll find such things as back filling the pips, cancelling used dice, looking at the serial numbers on dice, and making them translucent are all tools used to ensure there’s no skulduggery going on at the craps gaming table. Of course, if you’re playing online, at a casino like 22Bet Casino, then the dice are either video icons in the RNG games, or real dice thrown by croupiers in the live dealer games. So no chance of cheating there!

Only Square Corners Allowed At The Craps Table


In casino lingo, the spots on dice are called “pips.” These are drilled-out but then filled back in to ensure that the dice are perfectly balanced. What’s funny is that you can often see casino publicity where the photographer has used dice which have rounded corners as opposed to sharp ones. If you see rounded corners, then you know someone has slipped up. Simply because rounded corner dice are never in use at any land-based casinos. After all, that’s the whole point of burning the dice in the first place.

No, Not All Dice Are The Same

If you open up any board game or other non-gambling activity you’ll always find dice with rounded corners. The interesting thing is that once you start noticing dice corners, then you cannot unsee them. For example, if you look at the popular film, Armageddon, starring Bruce Willis, you’ll see them playing casino jackpot games with the wrong dice. We guess this is a complete failure on the part of the props person. Or no one from the film company has ever played any real casino games with dice. 

Burning The Dice: Casinos Hate Cheaters

Personally, we think that throwing people out of a casino for burning the dice is a little over the top. But we can see why casinos take this action. Whether you’re able to round off the corners or not is almost immaterial. After all, it’s the fact that you are trying to cheat. And as you well know, casinos have no time for either scammers or cheaters. These types of players can quickly ruin the establishment’s reputation. To be honest, this type of arcane cheating seems almost quaint. We suggest that you might be better off playing online. We’ve found that 22Bet Casino is by far the best casino site to play. You’ll find excellent live dealer craps, with gorgeous dealers. They also offer all new players a tasty welcome bonus of 100% up to 300 Euros. 

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