Casino Super-Rich

The Casino Super-Rich and Blackjack

Without a doubt, the casino game of blackjack is one of the most popular games in the world today. It mixes the perfect balance of luck and strategy. Unlike many other casino card games, blackjack is actually played against the house itself. On another level, blackjack has a certain charm. And then we have the personalities of the players themselves. If you happen to be one of the casino super-rich, a high roller or a casino whale, then all casinos will lay out the red carpet for you. Being a high-stakes gambler, you are going to be playing either jackpot poker or blackjack.  When the casino super-rich goes to casinos to win the jackpot, there’s a number of reasons why they prefer blackjack above almost any other casino table game.

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High RTP

Providing the rules of falling in your favour, then you’ll find that blackjack offers the highest RTPs of all of the casino games. In fact, in many casinos it will be the highest RTP rate,  going up to around 99.5% on some tables. Now, many regular players are unaware that the casino super-rich is able to negotiate their own rules on the blackjack table before they start to play. In order to keep them happy, the house is often content to up the RTP rates for them, up to 99.7%. As you can imagine this high rate is a huge help to the players.

A famous story concerns the high roller, Don Johnson, who once managed to persuade an Atlantic City casino to give him a 20% rebate. He then went on to take them to the cleaners and win over $15 million. It could be said that he actually tricked the casino into giving him an advantage. Being able to negotiate the RTP is one of the major reasons why high rollers love blackjack. You will not be able to do that playing online, ut by playing at 22Bet Casino, you’ll still have an excellent chance of taking home some winnings. To help you, they offer all new players a useful welcome bonus of 122% up to €300. This will certainly help stretch your bankroll. 

Test of Skills


It’s true that casino super-rich gamblers tend to show off. But there are many others who play casino games to improve their skills. The problem with games like roulette and craps, which are great in their own ways, is that they don’t offer a challenge to the high roller. These games revolve around luck and there’s very little strategy involved. On the other hand, blackjack is a game based on skills and jackpot winning strategies. This offers the satisfaction of a decent challenge. By nature, many casino whales love a challenge. And blackjack is one of the only casino games to give them the satisfaction of testing their skills against the house. 

The Casino Super-Rich: VIP Sections

Because of the amounts that high rollers are able to stake for each hand, it means that playing with poor plebeians, coming to the games table with just $100, can be frustrating. On a practical level, the impoverished peasants are unable to keep up with high stakes games. Many wealthy gamblers prefer to book a table in the VIP section. Here, all the gamblers apart from whales are forbidden.  These tables tend to offer lots of comps and are situated in especially lavish parts of the casino. Being a casino super-rich VIP may also get you all sorts of comps including limousines, luxury hotel rooms and even a  private jet to bring you from your nearest airport to the casino. Providing you have the funds, then casinos will bend over backwards to treat you like royalty. 

High Maximum Betting Limits


Compared to almost any other casino game, your typical blackjack table has a very high maximum betting limit. If you were a venture into some of the larger Las Vegas casino resorts, you’ll find the VIP tables accept bets of up to $100,000 per hand in blackjack. These are the sort of sums that many high rollers feel comfortable about spending. It’s really a match between showing off their love of the thrill and the idea of taking a risk. You have to keep in mind that the casino super-rich thinks differently about money than regular folks. If you’re playing online and want a high table maximum bet, then head over to 22Bet Casino. Their live dealer games allow bets of up to £10,000!

Conclusion: The Casino Super-Rich

Whether you’re playing online or off, you already know that blackjack is one of the most famous games in casinos. To that end, you’ll find it to be one of the most popular games among casino whales and high rollers. That’s because, thanks to the skill requirements and deep knowledge of strategies, blackjack poses a satisfying challenge to those willing to take a chance. It’s true that poker offers a great test of skills including maintaining your nerves. But by far the most high profile games in the casino for demonstrating skills are blackjack, poker and baccarat, in that order.

Hollywood has given us the false idea that the big casino super-rich spenders gravitate towards the roulette and craps tables. Sure, these are fun jackpot games. But without the essential ingredient of strategy and skill, then they hold no interest for the high roller. This may well be because the casino whale isn’t concerned about the amount of money being bet. Rather he’s looking to improve his skills. You’ll find that many of the very wealthy don’t mind losing as long as they’re learning and entertained.

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