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Reasons High Rollers Flock to the Craps Tables

If you’re going to go to the casino as a casino whale, then you need to act like one. This means betting on any game you fancy but with huge stakes. You’ll be amongst other VIP players in the playing jackpot slots in the private VIP area. Or you’ll be allowed to take the wheel in Roulette. Or even play multiple hands of blackjack at the same time. And all for a small fortune. But there’s one game that tends to stand out when it comes to the ultra-wealthy crowd. And that’s the game of craps. And in many of the large and famous casino resorts around the world, whether in Las Vegas or Macau, you can watch a single high roller craps player gamble more than a year’s salary away in the course of just 5 minutes.

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High Roller Craps House Edge Can Create Big Swings

It’s normal for many casino players to first look at the house edge of the game before they start playing. As you’re well aware, this number represents the amount of money that the house will be taking on every dollar you bet. In order to become profitable, a gambler needs to eliminate this house edge. Most bettors are not looking at casino games for long-term profits. That’s because the vast majority of gamblers know that though it is necessary to win money, and that would be a very nice outcome, it’s more important to entertain themselves. Because of this, we feel that it’s more beneficial if a player would look at the return to player (RTP) first. After all, this number tells them how much money they are likely to win back over a certain period of time.

For example, if you’re playing slot machines, then you should consider the RTP simply as a factor when playing these games. But your average high roller craps player is not stupid. They know that games that have a high return will provide them with maximum entertainment value. While at the same time also giving them a chance of hitting some hot streaks. When it comes to craps, there are two primary wagers. These are the “pass line” and “don’t pass” bets. Both of these bets have an RTP of 98.5%. Keep in mind that the pass line bet is less favourable. But also remember when making this bet that you are actually betting on the shooter. And this is part of why cramps have such a massive appeal.

When Money Means Nothing


If you’re a high roller craps player then you really love to get one over the casino. So that’s why they prefer to back the shooter with their enormous bankroll. Then it gives them a chance to stick it to the casinos. Of course, having a casino whale backing you when you’re shooting the dice can also produce a good night for the player at the craps table. You’ll often see, after a hot run with the dice, the whale will give a profitable shooter over $1,000 for their efforts. For many of us, being mortals working our day-to-day mundane existence, it can be quite exciting to see such a huge amount of money being gambled.

For many people, watching other people spend massive sums of money at the casino games table is great fun. Yet for your average high roller craps player, who has oodles of cash to spend betting small is not going to be exciting. That’s why high rollers head towards the private rooms and VIP suites. They will accept much larger table limits. What’s interesting is that for the high roller, it’s certainly not about winning. We guess it’s rather more to do with the excitement of winning or losing large sums of cash.

The High Roller Craps Tables Are Exciting

One of the first things you’ll notice as you approach the craps table in a real brick and mortar casino is the noisy atmosphere provided by those standing around the table. All the players and onlookers appear to be shouting and laughing at the same time. It makes an inviting scene that brings other players to the table. In this respect, we must confess that the game is very entertaining. And, of course, high roller craps players are no different from us in that they want to be entertained. It’s easy to see high rollers as some sort of psychopathic, arrogant show-offs.

Maybe they only go to casinos to win the jackpot in order to show off their wealth? But then think about the psychology of gambling. And the sweaty palms that come from taking a large financial risk. Someone who has a lot more money than others is going to need to bet a lot more in order to get the same exciting experience.

The Variety of Plays Keeps the Game Interesting


One thing that keeps the game of craps head and shoulders above other casino games is the fact that there is a nice variety of bets to keep the play interesting and stimulating. Many VIP players are not stupid and they certainly know that many of these bets will come with an inflated house at advantages. During a game of craps, it’s difficult to build up a large chip stack. You’ll often see craps players betting a minimum of $1,000 per roll. They will split each wager between the past line and then place six prop bets. By doing this, there’s a tiny chance to win on every roll, but also keep the house advantage to below 2%. As such, this is a very limited way to gamble. But it’ll certainly maximise your entertainment value, as well as increase your jackpot winning chances.

We suggest that you don’t go diving feet first into crap’s prop bets. If you take this route you’ll discover that the house edge quickly goes up to over 11%. It’s quite possible to watch a casino whale high roller craps player decimate their entire bankroll on the dealer. Many will simply stick to any 7 wager-way bets. This is craziness for an ordinary player as these prop bets quickly rise to over 11%. Nevertheless, the game of craps certainly has a wide enough variety of bets to keep all gamblers simulated.

Odds Bets Will Boost Winnings With No House Advantage

Keep in mind that most high rollers have got to that level by being sharp. Each time they’re going to pay attention to small things. And it’s the small things that have contributed to their success over time. Many high rollers will be accustomed to making large bets at the casino. Many will feel that it’s pertinent to try and get the best house edge. Even if it costs them an additional investment. Hence the fact that high rollers tend to enjoy making the odds bets whether they’re playing at a real casino or online at a casino like 22Bet Casino.

Amazing Comps For High Roller Craps Players


For the high roller craps player, all will consider it quite ordinary that the casino would roll out the red carpet for them. They would also receive such things as free travel, with private jets and private limousines all part and parcel of the whole VIP gambling experience. Of course, from a technical point of view, they are paying for all of these things from their own losses. But the casino understands how much wealthy people like to flex. So laying on a private jet or limousine, free hotel suites and meals is not a big deal. Especially when you consider just how much the high roller may lose over the course of an evening at the casino’s gaming tables.

But probably one of the greatest comps that a high roller craps player can receive is being able to play at tables where the betting table limits are much higher than those available for regular players. If you play online, then there are no such things as higher table limits. But that doesn’t stop you from having a great time. In fact, it’ll make your bankroll last longer. A site like 22Bet Casino will also give all its new customers a welcome bonus of 122% up to €300, which is a great way to help your winning odds.

High Roller Craps Table Limits 

You’ll find that the vast majority of table and jackpot games at the casino will have a maximum betting limit of around $500. Of course, that’s still a considerable amount of money. But for a high roller, it’s nothing but pocket change. That’s why high roller craps players have special tables which often have limits of around $5,000 per round. In doing so, the casino makes finding a table for a well player much easier. And by attracting the crowd of noisy onlookers and cheering gamblers, the casino is indirectly encouraging/pressurising the high roller to continuously spend more.

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