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The Technology In A Live Dealer Gaming Casino 

Probably one of the newest forms of online gambling is live casinos. With these, the live dealer gaming action takes place in what looks like a traditional casino. But it is in fact, a remote video studio that looks like a casino. For the player, this represents a fantastic opportunity to experience a casino environment. Whilst at the same time sitting on their sofa at home.  Another advantage of playing at an online live casino is that the payback percentages to the player are often going to be much better than with any other type of casino gaming.

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You’ll always find some gamblers will insist that the slots have a better RTP than any other game. But this fails to take into account table jackpot games which can bring the player much greater profits. And this is in spite of their established house edge. A quick internet search will bring up many reputable casinos that also run live dealer games. They are incredibly popular around the world. We can find industry iGaming software producers and developers such as Amaya Gaming, Playtech, Microgaming and Real Time Gaming, all involved in this innovative genre.

Your Own Online Interactive Human Dealer

The main thing that separates live dealer gaming from other forms of online gambling is the presence of a real human dealer. As a player, you are able to interact with them by using live chat and cam chat about actually anything. It’s particularly useful if you have any questions, want to learn of any jackpot winning tips and tricks, or you need any assistance. For some of the nicest dealers, we love to visit King Billy Casino. They have a massive number of live dealer games to ensure you have a great time.

When it comes to the nitty-gritty of how a live dealer website actually functions, then the first point is that all the physical transactions that your dealer makes will turn into software data. This is using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). In many ways, this allows the player to interact with the live dealer casino in exactly the same manner as he would if you were sitting at the gaming table in a real brick and mortar one. And though the results come thanks to an algorithm, the live dealer does play an active part in the whole process.

Live Dealer Gaming Studios Are Not Cheap

Live dealer gaming is incredibly popular with gamblers. But they are very expensive to set up and will need considerable investment in both technology and staffing. Your average live dealer gaming casino studio will employ croupiers, dealers, cameramen,  information technology management,  and even a pit boss. It’s the sheer cost of setting up a live dealer studio that means there are only a small number of games on offer. Probably the most common are baccarat, blackjack, sick bo and roulette. Obviously, if you compare the cost of a live deal video studio with that of running some virtual games, then you’ll see the cost with the latter is much, much lower.

live dealer gaming

On the whole, most live dealer gaming studios will consist of three departments. The first one will be a live studio where the dealers and croupiers will interact with online players. The second department will be a software room. And finally, there will also be a departmant for analytics. Of course, this configuration may vary amongst live dealer casinos. But on the whole, you’ll find the same setup across the board.

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Live Streaming Technology

As you can imagine, camera technology plays an integral and vital part in allowing the successful streaming of live dealer gaming. Thanks to the latest technology, newer cameras are smaller and yet more powerful than ever. And they are able to handle all stream live feeds seamlessly. If you look at a typical live dealer game of roulette for example, then you’ll see there are usually 3 camera views. One will be an overview of the table and another focuses on the roulette wheel itself. The third camera will feature the so-called picture-in-picture display.

The Game Control Unit

You’ll find that the game control unit (GCU) is probably one of the most important aspects and components of a live dealer gaming casino. Every casino table will have a GCU attached. This device, which is no bigger than a small shoebox, will encode the video to be broadcast. It’s the GCU that helps the dealer run the game smoothly. Without this device, there would be no live dealer casinos at all.

The Wheel

Take a look at any casino to win the jackpot that is offering roulette and you’ll see the ubiquitous roulette wheel. This wheel is manufactured by the same reputable maker of roulette wheels who will also be providing these to land-based casinos. But within the live dealer gaming casino wheel, there will be various built-in sensors that will interact with computer software.

The Dealer

In the live dealer games, the dealer will interact with the player. This will be in exactly the same manner as if he or she were working in a traditional casino environment. Obviously, they are all familiar with the games that they run. The studios will ensure they are knowledgeable and on top of their game before going in front of the gambling public. A smart card follows every action that the dealer makes. This in turn functions hand in hand with the most advanced computer technology.

The Monitor

A monitor is an important and essential piece of equipment for the dealer. From this, they can see when to take action and it enables them to keep a clear track of the bets that have been placed and those that could be placed. It also allows the dealer to see the player if the player so allows it. In this way, the player and dealer can enjoy a regular conversation whilst playing. As well as ensuring that any problems or issues are easy to resolve together.

live dealer gaming

The Optical Camera Recognition Technology

OCR technology allows every tiny detail that takes place in the gaming video studio to be broadcast live through a video link to the player. It allows players to place wagers on their computer screen via a console. In many ways, it transforms everything that takes place into data. The OCR terminal will capture such things as the spinning of the roulette, the distribution of hands of cards and the shuffling of the cards themselves. In some ways, it’s responsible for the whole process of making live dealer casino games so similar to those you’ll find in a traditional land-based casino

The Live Dealer Gaming Process in Stages

There may be some discrepancies between the online live dealer gaming casinos you go to and the game you may play. But on the whole, the stages of gameplay will be very similar. So that and let’s have a look at a game of roulette you’re about to play.

The first thing that happens is the dealer will be videoed. Then the software will convert this image so that it can stream as a live stream. This is then put to use an interactive interface for the player. As the server transmits this data it will be available to all online participants who wish to play at the table.

The Live Dealer Gaming Begins

At this point, the player should place their bets. The dealer may ask for some additional information. Once the wagers are in place, the software will identify the numbers and amount of bets. At a certain point the “no more bets announcement” will be made known to the players. At this point, the betting button on the player’s interface will disable itself.

Now the dealer will spin the roulette wheel and the player can see the results captured by the three cameras. Obviously, as soon as the small ivory ball falls into a number pocket the player will be instantly aware of the result. They can see this on their gaming interfaces so that they can see who won and who lost. Once the round is complete, the dealer invites players to start betting again. Stick at it, and you’ll have a good chance to win the jackpot online. Head over to King Billy Casino to try out your favourite casino table game with a live dealer. They are also offering a fantastic welcome bonus of 151% up to €/$500 plus 51 bonus spins to all new players!

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